Sustain Orphanage School

Sustain Orphanage School

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    Women & Child Care

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    25 September 2018

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    Mallina Foundation (with NATS)

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Prior to the formation of Mallina Foundation, the founders and their friends have teamed up to support Parivarthana and Praja Vidyalayam by raising funds to help with their monthly expenses. Our founders have partnered with North America Telugu Society (NATS) and has setup a booth to bring awareness among the telugu citizens of Southern California. At NATS flagship program - Mahila Sambaralu - the founders of Mallina Foundation and their friends have teamed up to prepare, cook and sell Andhra delicacies and the entire proceeds, combined with other donations, were sent to both organizations.

Parivarthana and Praja Vidyalayam have extended their gratitude to NATS for their support and thanked all volunteers that helped them sustain with their monthly expenses. Plase note that these donations are NOT tax deductible as the activity was performed prior to the formation of Mallina Foundation.

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