Eradication of Human Trafficking

  • Category


    Women & Child Care

  • Event Date


    01 December 2018

  • Organized by


    Janayitri Foundation


Janayitri Foundation has collaborated with a small business company to perform a Corporate Social Responsibility Event 2018. After reviewing the identified causes such as dometic voilance, women and children sexual slavery and trafficking, etc., Janaytiri Foundation made a decision to support the Eradication of Human Trafficking.

As you can see in the video, Pushyami Duvvuri, Founder of Janayitri Foundation stated that we can no longer ignore human trafficking. Janayitri has partnered with Prajwala India and also working with few Maryland Organizations whose primary objective is to eradicate human trafficking.

Janyitri thanks all its supporters and volunteers for continued support all along and encourages for generous donations to support this very important cause for years to come.