About Us

Janayitri Intro Video

I am Pushyami Duvvuri, Founder of Janayitri Foundation. I am a self-accomplished woman at work, handling my businesses and at home with a happy family. But I still remember as I was growing up with just my father and two sisters how much I missed losing my mother in my early childhood days. Really challenging for me at that age to fully grasp the loss of my mother and to move on with our lives. It was not easy for us, and having gone through that pain and consequences thereafter, I always thought about making a small difference to better those children of any age journey going through grief following the loss of a parent. I have also seen situations, even though not in my case, the financial hardship in addition to losing a parent is devastating in their lives. This gave me a whole different perspective of my life and evolved me into a person, with the support of my husband Mr. Rajashekar Choutkuri, who I am now wanting to dedicate part of my life to serve not only those children with a loss of their parent, but also those in need of basic essential needs.

As Mahatma Gandhi once quoted, “You may never know what results come of your action, But if you do nothing there will be no result.”

With utmost joy and happiness, I formed my long dreamt charitable organization called “JANAYITRI FOUNDATION.” Janayitri will connect people and entities who care for those with basic survival needs across religion and geographical boundaries.

Janayitri is derived from a Sanskrit language which means (Mother), another name for the divine power of care and love. Jana also means “People” and Yatri means “Friendly,” meaning Janayitri will become people friendly and help those people who are needy.

Janayitri Foundation is a non-profit organization with NO affiliations with any Government, Political or Religious entities. It is completely an organization incorporated to perform charitable activities to benefit public by offering relief for poor, distressed or underserved, and those with educational affiliations and enhance society by offering social services.

In the next few months, some of the charitable activities that Janayitri will perform will include services for

  • The advancement of education
  • The relief of those in need either due to poverty, ill-health, disability or any other disadvantage
  • The awareness of social injustices Janayitri will operate on donations/ services from its individual volunteers and corporates. From my heart, I am pledging that Janayitri will utilize every penny to serve for its purpose and not misuse its funds for any non-charitable activities.